Website Development Services

InfoCures has the depth, and our website developers have the range of experience, to build any type of website portal for your business, from promotional websites to B2C and B2B online website solutions.

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Our ability to not only develop but host your website solution allows us to quickly and easily implement virtually any website, web-based application, eCommerce site, online service, or client web portal.

Why Build Your Website Solution with the Web Developers of InfoCures?

We have the resources, including professional website designers, to develop high-impact online solutions that drive revenue, foster innovation, and increase efficiency. Enhance workflow, both within your firm and between you and your clients or suppliers. Our platform allows us to rapidly plan and build the components of a website solution tailored to your needs. All types of companies can benefit from well-planned web solutions; the competitive advantage you gain depends on the best strategy for your firm. For example, service and e-commerce businesses will enjoy many competitive advantages, including:

  • Your clients stay in the loop with their orders and service requests through online status information that instantly reflects all internal processing.
  • Clients are highly satisfied by your ability to respond to online inquiries or trouble tickets because of instant notification to the appropriate personnel.
  • Your interaction with partners and clients gains a dynamic quality that enhances your relationships.
  • Clients will be delighted about your careful attention to all prior interactions with them.
  • Your ability to permanently store all documents related to jobs/projects/orders will ensure that any representative can comprehensively handle all customer service interactions.
  • You will be able to automatically provide extensive billing detail to fully explain and justify all charges on your invoices, and to organize invoices to fit any corporation's procedures and requirements.
  • You'll minimize the manual processing of accounting information through comprehensive accounts receivables, accounts payables, and inventory modules built-in to your online solution.

Website Solution Portfolio

  • Online International Article Reprint Ordering Service with Volume-Pricing Bid-Windows Serving Over 10,000 Users.
  • Enterprise-wide Intranet Business Application that Integrates with Online Client Portal for Customer Service and Provides Analytical Datafeeds.
  • Legal Services Online Records Retrieval Ordering Website with Integrated Back Office Management Intranet.
  • Mobile Business Dashboard for Car Wash Integrated Equipment Control Systems.
  • Online Comprehensive Client Satisfaction Survey Management System with Analytical Reporting.
  • Onine Event Registration Website with Integrated Management and Reporting.
  • InfoCures' own Services Management and Billing Sytem with Time Billing, Recurring Biling, Services Billing, Project Quoting and Management, and Online Support Ticket Submission and Tracking for Clients.
  • Media Planning Web-based Solution for Campaign Estimates, Management, and Billing.
  • Web-based Intranet System with Multi-dimensional Database for Analytical Reporting.

Website Development Services

  • Website Design and Development
  • Database Design and Development
  • Graphics Development
  • Flash Development (promotional videos, interactive digital ads)
  • Reports (business dashboards, operations, accounting)
  • Quality control (data integrity, training, testing)
  • Internet Administration (domains, SSL certs, payment processing)
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