Mobile Apps

Propell Your Business with a Modern Mobile Apps Strategy

Reach your customers, support your sales force, empower your employees. To benefit from the mass transition to mobile access, your business needs a strategically crafted mobile business plan.


Almost any company can find opportunity through the adaptation of mobile technologies. For example, give your sales force an advantage by putting everything they need in their hands, whereever they go, whenever they need it, by creating an iPhone or iPad app specifically designed to support their efforts. Or, provide a free app to your customers to help them access your products and services anytime, anywhere.

Our multi-disciplinary approach allows us to steer your business in the right direction, and to follow up on a mobile app project of any nature. We will look at all activities in your business to uncover opportunities to gain competitive advantage.


We can help you determine how a mobile strategy can benefit your business and then review your current technology architecture to select the best approach to a mobile plan. Depending on your industry, your position within your industry, and your current capabilities and processes, some of the factors to consider include the following:

  • Can you gain a first-mover advantage by creating mobile apps?
  • Can you add value for your clients by extending existing processes and technologies to mobile?
  • Is a mobile web app the best approach to providing mobile access?
  • Would a premium, specialized iPad experience be the ideal plan?
  • Can you leverage existing websites, databases, or business applications?
  • Can you advance your operations, marketing, sales, or customer service with mobile apps?


Since the introduction of the iPhone, the expectation for an app is that it looks great, navigates easily, and performs flawlessly and fast. Whether your app is built for customers, employees, or executives, the expectations for a superior experience are the same. You need a team that knows how to design simple, effective, attractive, and useful apps. The InfoCures team approach combines experienced project managers, dedicated developers, and business analysts to ensure the delivery of a useful, capable, and dependable app.

InfoCures Mobile App Services

  • Mobile Business Strategy Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Mobile Business Dashboards
  • Mobile Enterprise Apps
  • Mobile B2B Solutions
  • Mobile Consumer Solutions
  • Mobile Apps for the iPhone and iPad
  • Mobile Web Apps for iPhone and Android
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