Analytics are the primary driver of business performance and value for analytic competitors. Though it is widely accepted that all companies should have a data warehouse and a business intelligence strategy, many companies still struggle to add analytical capabilities to their business and information technology resources. We have helped companies create a business intelligence toolkit and incorporate it into their strategic corporate goals and activities. Our emphasis is on "actionable" performance indicators that not only provide information but help you take action to keep your company's trends heading in a positive direction.

Case Study: ByDoctor® Targeting Tools


A healthcare media planning company builds strategic marketing campaigns for prescription drugs. The planning activities for reaching doctors need to be highly focused on targeting doctors based on specialties and drug therapeutic categories, along with prescribing activities in the market. The planners need to be able to maximize the value of the campaign while eliminating waste in the budget.


InfoCures worked closely with a major pharmaceutical services corporation to create a proprietary tool for media planners that uses data warehouse technologies to find the optimal match of doctor profiles to advertising vehicles. In addition, media buys, along with market activity data, allow users to analyze the data to produce ROI information used to measure the success of the media campaign. Benefits include the following:

  • A unique dimension of healthcare media vehicles provide for analysis by campaign strategy and vehicle types.
  • Customized doctor dimensions can be designed and uploaded unique to the pharmaceutical brand.
  • Doctor target lists can be matched against any proposed media buy.
  • Marketing "buys" can be customized to the optimal combination of vehicles and doctor parameters.
  • Media buy information by doctor can be correlated with prescibing information by doctor.
  • Planners can provide pharmaceuticals with ROI and cross-brand analyses.

Business Intelligence Services

  • Business process analysis and bus matrix development and design.
  • Unified dimensional modeling.
  • Business process drill-across analysis and views.
  • Business intelligence dashboards and key performance indicators.
  • Auditing and compliance warehousing.
  • Extraction, Transform, and Load packages.
  • Data cleansing and de-duping services.
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